"Ralph Waldo Emerson once asked what we would do if the stars only came out once every thousand years. No one would sleep that night, of course. The world would create new religions overnight. We would be ecstatic, delirious, made rapturous by the glory of God. Instead, the stars come out every night and we watch television."
- Paul Hawkens (via her0inchic)

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"Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions."
- Deepak Chopra (via my-velvetpouch)

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"Relax. You will become an adult. You will figure out your career. You will find someone who loves you. You have a whole lifetime; time takes time. The only way to fail at life is to abstain."

Johanna de Silentio  (via brokenallucinator)


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